A professional with demonstrated ability to lead application development programs delivering high performance, low cost products and production technologies from research to market, on time and on budget.

A leader in defining methodologies used to turn more research elements into successful products faster, and ensure consistent production quality.

Extensive experience managing domestic and international development programs providing team leadership, vision, systematic planning, education support, and two-way communication skills.


Bachelor Of Science and Master Of Science Degrees in Engineering.



Plastic-Composite Materials, Polymer Processing & Mold Engineering, Process Control, Product Design, Metal Fabrication, Server / Computer Hardware & Operating Systems, Microsoft Office Applications, CAD/CAE Applications, Website Design & Programming Developer, SQL Database, Graphic Software Applications ...



Global Business Development, Product Development, Customer Support, Travel, Education, Waste & Recycle Development, Sustainable Energy Systems, Volunteering & Community Development, Sailing, Social Networking Development  ...



Resume Request

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